Do you need a break away from it all? Well, here at Brades Acre we have two caravans for hire. If you’re looking for weekend break or even at week’s break then we have what you’re looking for.

The caravans we have for hire are a 2 berth Bailey,and a 6 berth Eldis Avante with fixed bunk beds. If you don’t want the stress of towing a caravan then you can hire it out on our campsite or we can offer you ‘tow-away’ where will we tow the caravan for you to your desired destination.

(Terms and Conditions apply)


Week Hire: 280.00 – Discount available for longer periods

Weekends: 80.00 – 2 nights minimum hires

Nightly: 40.00 – During the week

Deposit: 150.00

The above prices include ground rent at Brades Acres only

Take away

If you would like us to take the caravan to another site we charge a per mile fee of 2.00, all you have to do is enter our postcode as the starting destination and then enter the postcode of your chosen site as the ending destination that will tell you how miles it is between each site and give you the minimum price that you will have to pay. For example SP3 4RX going to SP1 5EN distance being 11 miles so at 2.00 per mile the fee is 22.00

There are no further hidden charges; this price includes collection of the caravan.

Hirers are advised to obtain their own travel insurance to safeguard against any loses that may occur; alternatively a credit note may be issued at out discretion.

Caravans that are being taken away you as the hirer is responsible for the booking of the pitch and also the ground rent, when we arrive at the campsite we will set the caravan up for you and make sure that everything is working ready for your arrival, if there are any problems we will give you a number to contact us on.

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